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Degree and diploma are available at collage in Gurdaspur city.


Shivalik College of Education in Gurdaspur is a popular choice for students looking for degree and diploma programs. They offer a wide range of courses in education, including Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) and Diploma in Education (D.Ed.). The college has a great faculty and provides a supportive learning environment. It’s a fantastic opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills you need for a successful career in education. So, if you’re passionate about teaching and want to pursue a degree or diploma in Gurdaspur, Shivalik College of Education is definitely worth considering!

Location: Mustafabad Jattan, Gurdaspur (Punjab) 143521

Degree Programs

BA (Bachelor of Arts):

BA is a popular undergraduate degree program that focuses on the humanities, social sciences, and liberal arts. It offers a wide range of subjects, including literature, history, sociology, psychology, and more. A BA degree provides students with critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills that are valuable in various career paths.

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications):

BCA is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on computer applications and information technology. It covers subjects like programming languages, database management, web development, software engineering, and more. BCA graduates often pursue careers in software development, systems analysis, database administration, and other IT-related fields.

B.ED (Bachelor of Education):

B.ED is an undergraduate degree program specifically designed for aspiring teachers. It equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective educators. B.ED programs typically include subjects like educational psychology, teaching methods, curriculum development, classroom management, and practical teaching experience. Graduates with a B.ED degree can pursue teaching careers in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions.

These degree programs offer different areas of study and career prospects.

Diploma Programs


Cosmetology is a diploma program that focuses on the study of beauty treatments and techniques. It covers various aspects of hair care, skincare, makeup application, nail care, and salon management. Students in a cosmetology program learn practical skills and theoretical knowledge related to the beauty industry. Upon completion, graduates can pursue careers as hairstylists, aestheticians, makeup artists, nail technicians, or salon owners.

Library Science:

Library Science is a diploma program that focuses on the study of library and information management. It covers subjects like cataloguing, classification, information organization, library systems, and information retrieval. Students in a library science program learn about the principles and practices of managing library resources, providing information services, and promoting literacy. Graduates can work as librarians, information specialists, or in various roles within libraries and information centers.

PG Diploma (Postgraduate Diploma):

A PG Diploma is a postgraduate-level diploma program that provides specialized knowledge and skills in a specific field. It is typically shorter in duration compared to a master’s degree program. PG Diploma programs are available in various disciplines such as business management, journalism, computer science, finance, and more. These programs offer advanced training and expertise, enhancing career prospects in specific industries or fields.

These diploma programs offer focused education and practical skills in their respective areas.


Shivalik College of Education offers diploma programs in various fields of study. Along with the degree programs of BA, BCA, and B.ED Shivalik College of Education provides specialized diploma programs such as Cosmetology and Library Science. These programs equip students with practical skills and knowledge in their chosen fields, preparing them for exciting career opportunities. Additionally, a PG Diploma from Shivalik College of Education offers advanced training in specific areas. If you’re considering pursuing a diploma program, Shivalik College of Education might be a great option for you.

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